Katherine Way Collections: Flattering. Functional. Fun.  Wouldn’t it be great if all women’s apparel could be described that way? Well, those are the three words Katherine Way chose to describe her women’s apparel brand and we couldn’t agree more. Take 5 and learn 5 things about the 2016 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience’s Top Buyers’ Choice Award Winner, Katherine Way Collections.

  1. Feminine, fit, flattering, functional—the alliteration could go on but Katherine Way Collections was started on the basic understanding that women want to wear clothing that looks stylish yet fits well, flatters their body and can be functional across many occasions. Katherine saw this as an under-served market with too many designers focusing on trendy, revealing clothing that doesn’t work for all ages and all body types.
    This resulted in Katherine Way Collections—offering fun, flirty, colorful dresses that can take women from a work environment to a dinner party, or from a sporting event to a luncheon.
  2. They understand that women want fashion-forward apparel that fits correctly and hides little imperfections, while still being comfortable. Fun and function are guiding principles for their designs and they’ve been able to achieve this through a balance of bright colorful fabrics, paired with unique fabric technology, tied together in flattering designs.
    Their patterns are beautiful, playful and make a statement all their own while the feel of the fabric is something very unique—be sure to visit them in Orlando to see (and feel!) for yourself.
  3. Their fabrics, manufacturing and assembly are all ‘Made in the USA’ and certified UPF 50+ sunscreen protected. They’ve spent years researching and creating the right fabric blend of nylon and spandex that wears well, travels well and launders well, all while offering exceptional moisture-wicking ability to keep women feeling cool and fresh. But the benefits go further—since their products are resort and golf wear, the fabrics are certified UPF 50+ sunscreen protected. “We worked diligently to find the right partners right here at home so I’m proud to say that we are 100% a ‘Made in the USA’ brand – including our fabrics, manufacturing and assembly,” says Katherine.
  4. Inspiration for the fabrics can be found anywhere—even in a bar. Katherine is inspired by everything around her—from the colors of water, plants, sandy beaches and more to playful, whimsical and fun patterns. But beyond the natural beauty of the outdoors, Katherine shared, “You never know where you may be inspired by geographic patterns.  Once, I took photos of some old tiles in a Mexican bar which we incorporated into a design. Even the woodwork and windows of old cathedrals are an inspiration to me and history in old cities like New Orleans, Key West and Savannah, play a large role.”
  5. Beyond the fit, function and fun of their designs—their goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience. From being there to answer any question about the product—fabric to fit—to sending a personal note to every customer, the customer experience is priority for Katherine Way Collections. Plus, the size chart on their website isn’t the standard one you’d expect to find, it lists the measurements not just for each size but how the measurements differ from style to style—another detail offering you a unique and exceptional experience.

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Katherine Way Collections Katherine Way Collections Katherine Way Collections

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