Greyson Clothiers: The Wolf—focus, intelligence & strength—embodies the guiding principles of this up-and-coming men’s golf & lifestyle apparel brand. Learn how when you take 5 to learn 5 things about Greyson Clothiers.

  1. This is a relatively new label founded on many years of design experience and an acutely focused mission of function, innovation & creativity
    It may have been founded just over a year ago in the Fall of 2015 but Greyson’s founder, Charlie Schaefer started the brand with 13 years of design experience behind him. As the former SVP of design at Ralph Lauren, his biggest dream was to start a label of his own.With his daughter, Greyson as the namesake of the brand and his close bond with his mother (and their beloved wolf dog and love of golf) as inspiration for the brand, a unique anecdote helped to refine the brand vision to what it is today. Founder Charlie Schaefer shares:“Two weeks leading up to the 2015 Masters, while still refining the brand vision and logo I was standing in my front yard at dawn with a cup of coffee. I saw a wolf walk through the trees. This moment reminded me of my Mom, our shared loves and the closeness we shared. The concept of standing alone while still maintaining focus on family and loyalty, the wolf immediately became the symbol of the brand.”
  2. The Wolf is so much more than inspiration for the brand’s vision—it’s the driving force in their creative and technical direction.
    Schaefer shares, “The power of The Wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence and appetite for freedom, and the significance of a pack. The Wolf personifies Greyson’s principles to achieve greatness with strength and camaraderie.” This is achieved through a blend of fashion and sport along with superior tailoring and construction rooted in all aspects of their brand.
  3. They continually look to achieve a blend of innovative and high-performing fabrics, with a bespoke and modern concept.
    While they look to what’s new and next in fabrics—the technical features and quality, they also recognize that fits, fabrics and attitudes are constantly evolving. So they look back in time to learn more about what once was used to innovate and evolve their lines. “We take inspiration from Arnold Palmer, Steve McQueen and Sean Connery (to name a few), whom all represented an attitude and swagger of their time,” says Schaefer.
  4. Their lines offer a wide range of product mix, patterns & style—this is due in part to their recognition of golf and lifestyle apparel intersecting but also from the inspiration they find around the globe.
    Inspiration is everywhere. We are constantly keeping our eyes open for new ideas and concepts. For this upcoming Fall 2017 collection, that will be showcased at this January’s PGA Show, we were inspired by the airy and outdoorsy nature of Seattle for Fall One, and the classic bespoke and sophisticated aura of Saville Row for Fall Two.
  5. Our priority is to create new products each season that offer confidence in sport with innovative style and unprecedented performance.
    Greyson strives to be a pioneer of innovative products. They see blend of fashion and sport as a sustainable trend with fitness, wellness, and health continuing to become priorities in all facets of life. Passion and vision will drive their team to create specialized products season after season.

They want you (and your customers!) to become a member of The Pack
And you can at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, in booth 4185 as they showcase their Fall 2017 collections. Learn more about Greyson Clothiers>>

Greyson Clothiers
Greyson Clothiers

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