“Serious golfers recognize their equipment can impact their performance and experience—we try to make products that maximize both.” Andrew Creed, President, US Operations, Galvin Green US.

This family owned company is focused on providing products that help their customers perform their best—no matter the weather conditions. Take 5 to learn 5 things about Galvin Green and their “We Never Compromise” approach to golf apparel.

  1. They are a family owned company
    Being family owned allows the Galvin Green team to have the flexibility and focus to stay true to their vision. As Andrew Creed, President, US Operations, Galvin Green US says, “We have always been and will continue to be pioneers in technology, fashion and function. “
  2. They are based in Sweden
    They are headquartered in Vaxjo, Sweden with 40 employees. Visit their website for some impressive views from Sweden and beyond. TIP: Their website also features a “Dress for the Weather” section—allowing you to adjust conditions & climate to receive suggested products your customers need based on those conditions.
  3. Their slogan is “We Never Compromise”
    Galvin Green is focused on the serious golfer and as Creed points out, “Serious golfers recognize their equipment can impact their performance and experience.” That’s why they are focused on making products that maximize both—innovating and creating products that truly help their customers perform their best, no matter what the weather.
  4. Though styles and technology are ever-changing, their designers and partners are focused on being a step ahead of the rest.
    They partner with W.L. Gore Associates, Inc. (bringing you GORE-TEX® technology among others). This offers them access to the newest technology available before other brands. Meanwhile their design team is on the cutting edge—allowing the brand to make the most of the technologically advanced garments while pushing the boundaries of fashion at the same time.
  5. They take pride in their technology
    As always, Galvin Green leads the way in technology in their products. In 2017, they are introducing C-Knit technology to their apparel, the lightest, most comfortable and breathable GORE-TEX® version on the market and as they describe, the pinnacle of performance. As the first and only golf apparel brand to GORE-TEX® C-Knit technology, Galvin Green is proud to lead the way in offering this to you and your customers at the 2017 PGA Show.

Learn more about Galvin Green and visit them in booth 6161 at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show here>>

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