The Inventors Spotlight at the PGA Merchandise Show creates a unique opportunity for both inventors to “gauge” interest from the golf community and for attendees, manufacturers and media to explore new products or services that may fulfill a gap in the market or introduce new technology.

Each year, the United Inventors Association (UIA) delivers a set of awards created by professionals in the inventing and commercialization industry. The Inventors Spotlight Awards recognize the hard work and dedication given to the process of innovation.

Join us in congratulating the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Inventors Spotlight Award Winners . Learn more about each below.

Most Innovative Concept | Fatt Matt
Awkward lie training tool & other training aids
Mark Csenscsits, Christopher Albright & Brian Roy

Fatt Matt is revolutionizing the way people learn and practice the game of golf. Our teaching philosophy accompanied with our innovative training aids will change the way you think, learn, practice and ultimately how you play. Creative thinking, innovative designs and passionate individuals Fatt Matt invites you to Train Smarter to Play Better!

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Best Marketing Effort | Ligature Technologies
“Red” Data Golf Course GPS Phone App
Red Dutta, John Calvert

A small software startup in Wake Forest, North Carolina and the makers of Course Guide GPS. The only GPS enabled course / yardage guide for golf courses INCLUDING bunkers, hazards, tees, as well as the center, front, and back of greens. Course Guide GPS also allows you to track your total strokes, putts, chips, sand shots, as well as penalties.

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The Pinnacle Award | Neuro Connect
NeuroConnect Golf Sport Enhancement Devices
Dr. Mark Metus, Denna Metus, Nathan Metus, & Greg Phillips

New breakthrough technology which corrects hidden neuromuscular imbalances by optimizing the connection between the brain and the nerve fibers in joints and muscles. It enhances balance, corrects spinal function, and insures the use of the correct muscles involved in the swing, in addition to providing a neurological link to the putter head.

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