For over 35 years, Volvik has stayed true to their motto, “Change the Game” with brightly colored balls, matte finish and it’s not just the look of their product that stands out.  Take 5 to learn 5 things about this ever evolving brand from their President, Don Shin.

1. Volvik has been different from other golf ball companies from the beginning when they started manufacturing golf balls over 35 years ago. “We didn’t try to conform in order to fit into the golf industry and we take pride in standing out from the others. The bright color golf balls we offer is the key difference, but when coupled with the performance of our golf balls it is evident that we are a company that provides something unique that no one else offers, creating our own niche in the process. We were the first to the market with a matte finish golf ball with VIVID, we created the original Crystal ball, we use different materials and manufacturing processes than the other manufacturers that utilize 58 worldwide patents, which is why you see such performance benefits and different looking products from Volvik golf balls.”

2. Aside from wanting to play a bright colored ball and bring some fun back into the game of golf, Volvik golf balls perform the way any PGA Professional and longtime golfer would want and expect. “Our golf balls are tested and proven to have explosive distance off the tee, straighter ball flight and optimal spin around the greens. We are confident that once a PGA Pro tries our golf ball, they will love the way it plays and feels and in turn want to recommend it to their members.”

3. Team Volvik continues to grow with the recent signing of Bubba Watson. “Signing Bubba Watson to Team Volvik has been an exciting time for us and the golf industry. Volvik’s motto has always been to try to “Change the Game” and with bright colored golf balls and the first ever matte finish golf ball we are doing just that. Now that we have a renowned and respected player like Bubba Watson standing behind that motto too means that the industry is ready for a change and we’re leading it.”

4. They launched a number of new products at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show (that you’ll want to check out if you haven’t already!) “The 2017 PGA Show was a huge success for Volvik, people had heard about the first ever matte finish golf ball and were intrigued by what we had to offer. At the PGA Show, we introduced three new colors to the popular VIVID line in White, Sherbet Orange and Yellow. We wanted to use that curiosity to our advantage in introducing new products as well—which is why we launched the VIVID XT at the PGA Show. It’s similar to the VIVID golf ball, with the matte finish look, but made specifically for fast swing speeds in the 100+ MPH range. The DS-55 was also launched at the PGA Show, which is our softest ball yet at 55-compression. In addition, we introduced our new line of accessories which includes an Italian Leather Belt Series, Light Optic Sunglass Frames and two different ultra-light stand bags, all of which will be available within the next few months.”

5. But that’s not all—you’ll want to keep an eye out for Volvik this year. “It has been an exciting year so far and we have many more things in store. We will be launching a Bubba Ball Pre-Order in the next week that will allow our customers to order the exact ball Bubba Watson plays on Tour. We are looking forward to hosting the Second Annual Volvik Championship in May 24-28, 2017, at Travis Pointe Golf Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We also have a big announcement coming out later this month that we are eager to share with everyone, so be on the lookout for more from Team Volvik.”

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