Looking for a new solution to feeding hungry golfers? Look no further than CaddySnax—providing ready-to-eat meal boxes filled with carefully selected snacks to golfers throughout the country. We spoke with Jill Mann Strite, LPGA Member & President of CaddySnax to find out why you should consider bringing this new product to your course or resort.

PGA Show Insider: Describe CaddySnax in 3 words or less.
Jill Mann Strite: Great-tasting ​!​  ​Versatile. ​ Nutritious.  ​

PGA Show Insider: What was the inspiration behind getting your product into golf?
Jill Mann Strite: We wanted to provide a turnkey product that answers every facility’s need for an affordable, delicious and marketable food option.  With several seasoned golf industry professionals on staff at CaddySnax, we all had endured challenges over throughout our careers to feed hungry players, worthy volunteers and valuable clients in a clever, economical way.  We pride ourselves on how easy it is to order CaddySnax and the various methods a property can utilize our fun meals.

PGA Show Insider: We loved seeing how environmentally friendly and nutritional your product is—why is this important part of the product?
Jill Mann Strite: We are proud that every one of our meal boxes are made from 100% recycled fiber content.  We don’t like footprints in a bunker and certainly don’t want to make an environmental footprint on a beautiful golf course.

PGA Show Insider: What are the benefits to a club for bringing your product onboard?
Jill Mann Strite: ​There are infinite positives for utilizing Caddysnax at a club! Here are a few of our top benefits:

  • Ideal for all ages
  • New revenue stream
  • Payroll savings
  • Turkey process
  • Our snacks are fun—like trick o’ treating on a golf course​!
  • Multiple marketing opportunities for courses, event sponsors or other partnerships

​But above all, truly the most common feedback ​ we heard at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show, “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?​  It’s so needed and I’m thrilled you’re doing it!”

PGA Show Insider: We think it’s a great feature that the boxes can be personalized for your club or sponsor—is there anything else like that that allows you to stand out?
Jill Mann Strite: ​The CaddySnax team understands the importance of brand recognition for a golf course, resort, tournament or sponsor.  We offer three options on how to customize the box:

  1. Custom logo’d golf ball image on box lid
  2. Opportunity to include a collateral piece inserted and sealed inside of the box with the snacks. This is great for educating players on upcoming events, a sponsor’s company or non-profit message.
  3. NEW! Enhance the box with a custom sleeve that fits over the box, allowing customers to highlight their brand.

We are the only product on the market to be as versatile and affordable!

PGA Show Insider:  How do you choose the food that gets placed in the boxes? Are those customizable too?
Jill Mann Strite: All of our meals include 5-7 snack items including an electrolyte supplement and wet nap.  Our current menu features a flavorful hummus snack with bag of multigrain chips, Clif Bar, edamame trail mix, You Love Fruit leather, Welch’s dried cranberries and an orange-flavor electrolyte.

Throughout the year we will vary the brands and flavors to ensure a customer will not receive the same combination in October that they received in March.  Our team of nutrition specialists handles the menu selection so our clients can focus on getting players to their course or raising money for a worthwhile cause.  ​

PGA Show Insider: Can you share anything about what may be new or next from CaddySnax?
Jill Mann Strite: The exciting, fast-paced growth of CaddySnax has already begun opening doors throughout the hospitality and hotel industries.  We are also working with all professional tours on ways to enhance the spectator experience by providing healthier options when watching the best play the game.  CaddySnax recently became an official corporate partner of the LPGA T&CP program and already looking forward to having a presence at this week’s Bank of Hope Founders Cup in Phoenix.

Learn more and contact CaddySnax here>>

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