PGA Professional, one of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters (10 years and counting), America’s Top 50 Shaft Technologists—and small business owner, like so many of you, Paul Ferrone of Downtown Golf in Stamford, CT, has his hands full. We caught up with Paul as the Connecticut golf season kicks off to find out some of his tips and keys to success.

PGA Show Insider: Tell us a little bit about your store—where you’re located, how long you’ve been in business.
Paul Ferrone: Downtown Golf has been in business for 10 years, located at 125 Bedford Street in Stamford, CT. I have had the honor of being selected by Golf Digest as of Americas Top 100 Places to be fit for golf clubs since the inception of the award.

PGA Show Insider: Can you describe your day in 3 numbers?
Paul Ferrone: My day? Fit golf clubs, fix golf clubs, teach golf.

PGA Show Insider: What’s your favorite part of your job?
Paul Ferrone: I love the people I meet.  Golf has the best characters. I enjoy solving golf problems whether it’s through repair, instruction or fitting.

PGA Show Insider: Customer service seems like a cornerstone of your business—why is it so important to you?
Paul Ferrone: Customer service is important because I have to be personal with my clients. Everyone would rather do business with someone they know and like. I just try to be myself and get people back on the course as fast as I can.

PGA Show Insider: What makes your shop stand out from others?
Paul Ferrone: My shop is different because I have an extensive inventory and can fix most everything while you wait.

PGA Show Insider: Not only have you been awarded America’s 100 Best Clubfitters (10 years and counting) but also one of America’s Top 50 Shaft Technologists—what are the keys to your success?
Paul Ferrone: Keys to my success are keeping up with new technology, current trends and giving honest answers to my clients.

PGA Show Insider: How do you choose what kinds of products you use and offer?
Paul Ferrone: I choose products by attending the PGA Show, seeing new products and networking. I listen to clients and see what they are using. I usually buy clothing based on what I like.

PGA Show Insider: What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you about owning your own business?
Paul Ferrone: I was once told to be successful in business you didn’t need more clients, you need more friends. So, I try to make as many friends as I can.

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