Family-owned and operated for more than 30 years, Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories began by filling a void in the marketplace. We spoke with Steve Wilmer, Stenten Golf Cart Accessories’ Account Executive on what’s trending in cart accessories and how the company continues to thrive after all these years (hint: they are staying fresh with relevant content & leveraging social media).

PGA Show Insider: You have a great origin story! Can you share it with us?
Steve Wilmer: Marilyn Stenten started out selling Bimini tops and golf cart enclosures as an outside sales representative. One day she asked a golf cart dealer where he purchased his additional accessories for the carts. He laughed and stated that his accessories consisted of whatever he could modify from the auto parts store to fit the carts. Shortly after that Marilyn decided to fill the void and manufacturer and sell golf cart accessories.

PGA Show Insider: A focus on Customer Service seems like a very important aspect of your business—why is that and how do you always keep the customer top of mind?
Steve Wilmer:
At Stenten’s we know and respect the fact that our customers are the life blood of our success. That is why we make sure we treat our customer how we want to be treated.  Marilyn has followed a simple plan from the beginning: KISS (Keep, It, Simple, Stupid)! It has worked for the past 30 years.

PGA Show Insider: What advice do you have for other family owned & operated companies?
Steve Wilmer:
The best advice we can give is focus on what you can offer to your customers. Don’t be too concerned about what other companies are doing. There will always be other companies who are bigger or have more money. If you offer your customers a great product at a great price with the understanding that if anything goes wrong you will take care of them, you will succeed.

PGA Show Insider: How do you stay so fresh and relevant with your product offerings?
Steve Wilmer:
We stay fresh and relevant simply by listening to our customers and watching emerging industry trends. You have to know what trends are fads and which require more investigation. With time you will learn how to recognize developing needs, and products that will fill them.

PGA Show Insider: What are a few of the best-selling cart accessories lately?
Steve Wilmer:
Lately the cart accessory everyone is looking for is LED light kits. With so many communities allowing golf carts on the roads people are looking to make them street legal and the LED’s are a low power and longer lasting option that appeals to buyer’s needs.

PGA Show Insider: Have there been any innovative new products for golf carts that your customers have been asking for?
Steve Wilmer:
Really what customers have been asking for are products that fit the brand new carts.  For the longest time golf carts have had the same design making parts and accessories easily accessible.  Recently however, some cart manufacturers have changed these designs and this has left many dealers searching for accessories that will fit. One example is Yamaha’s new Drive 2 golf cart. The accessories that used to fit the Drive will not work on the Drive 2 so many accessory manufactures have to redesign molds to create options to fit.

PGA Show Insider: We love seeing the content on your website & social media—from your newsletter to blog and social media activity. How does having this content and presence on social media help your business?
Steve Wilmer:
We like to keep our social media and website geared for what it was designed as a fun and informative place. It’s a great way for us to engage and inform our customers about developing trends as well as showcasing what projects we are working on from testing out new limo kits to creating instructional materials.

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