We’ve all been there—you have nowhere to safely put your sunglasses or they fall off your hat, get scratched, cracked or even misplaced. Enter, Popticals. Their slogan is “Pack Small. Live Big” and follow that with the company philosophy that having the right gear can up your game and enhance every experience you have.

We spoke with Preston Porter, Social Media and Online Content Manager for Popticals to learn more about how their product solves the problem—where do you put your sunglasses when you’re not using them?

PGA Show Insider: Can you tell us a little bit about Popticals? What makes them different from traditional sunglasses?
Preston Porter: We saw a problem with traditional sunglasses: they get scratched and broken because there’s nowhere to keep them when you’re not wearing them. Popticals compact down to a small size so they can stay safe in their case and go anywhere.

PGA Show Insider: What was the inspiration for this invention?
Preston Porter: The owner and inventor broke dozens of nice sports sunglasses over the years, usually in his jacket pockets while skiing. He noticed people hang their sunglasses from their shirt, put them on top of their head or shove them in their pocket only to have them get broken over and over. Nobody uses the cases wrap-around glasses come in because they’re huge.

PGA Show Insider: Without getting too technical, can you tell us a little bit about the rail system? It’s so unique and just by watching the videos on your site—it seems to really impact the strength of the product.
Preston Porter: The FL2 Micro-Rail System lets the glasses separate in the middle and the lenses “spoon” together. The rail system uses stainless steel components so it’s very strong and won’t rust. We have several patents on it as well so you won’t see the design anywhere else.

PGA Show Insider: The structure and idea behind the frames seems like it can withstand a lot for active lifestyles but but what about the lenses?
Preston Porter: Besides the compact design, our lenses are the next big differentiating factor to our glasses. They are NYDEF Nylon lenses manufactured to our specifications by optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision. The nylon material makes our lenses significantly clearer than polycarbonate lenses used in most other sunglasses, and around 20% lighter in weight. The clarity rivals glass and people are blown away the first time they look through them.

PGA Show Insider: Tell us a little about the Popticals Nydef™ GOLF Line—how can PGA Professionals, golf professionals and their customers benefit from this specific line?
Preston Porter: We partnered with Zeiss to create a nylon lens specifically for golf. Our NYDEF GOLF products feature a purple or violet tinted lens designed to counteract the overwhelming amount of green light golfers see on the course and to really enhance the contrast. This allows golfers to see more details on the course such as small undulations, grain patterns or ridges that might normally be overlooked. The lenses really make a big difference in what you can see on the golf course.

PGA Show Insider: What’s next—anything we should be on the lookout for from Popticals in the year ahead?
Preston Porter: We’re launching our new Forces of Nature line of products in early June. This will feature three new styles we’re very excited about: Popair, our take on the classic aviator style with a wrap-around design; Popstorm, an aggressive sporty frame with some bold color options; and PopH2O, our watersport-inspired frame with great lens coverage.

To learn more about Popticals and their upcoming product launches visit their My Show showroom here>>

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