Alison Curdt, PGA, LPGA is a decorated instructor (accolades listed below!) with a unique and powerful approach to coaching. Learn more about Alison and get a few tips that just may help you on and off the course!

PGA Show Insider: With such an impressive list of accolades (congratulations by the way!) what continues to drive your passion for the game of golf and teaching it to others?
Alison Curdt: For me, there is such a rewarding feeling helping someone be the best they can be in life and golf. As I continue to be the best version of myself, I enjoy being a part of other people’s processes as they strive for that.

PGA Show Insider: What attributes do you see consistently in other great golf instructors?
Alison Curdt: Caring, honest, authentic

PGA Show Insider: Beyond instruction, how does the “Mental Game” play into your career?
Alison Curdt: As a licensed clinician, I also have a private practice where I work with clients. Exploring and understanding one’s self better can help performance in golf and in life. I bring aspects of an elite mental game to everything I do in life.

PGA Show Insider: Speaking of the Mental Game… how are you preparing for your education session at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience—Psychological Tools used in Teaching and Coaching? Any previews you can share?
Alison Curdt: I’m taking tools that I use to help individuals perform better in life and applying it specifically to golf. I’m making sure the information I share is directly applicable for participants, so they can walk out of the room and coach the mental game more efficiently. They may even learn more about themselves in the process!

PGA Show Insider: I noticed on your website you use FlightScope technology in your sessions. We’re featuring them under another section of the newsletter this month, Product Spotlight. Can you give a quick overview of how you and your golfers benefit from using their technology?
Alison Curdt: FlightScope helps me measure things for validity. There is only so much the eye can capture; having a form of measurement allows me to plan how I will best help my student.

PGA Show Insider: What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever give YOU about teaching or playing?
Alison Curdt: Make an adjustment. It really applies to everything. We are always constantly making adjustments to maneuver through life. It really resonates with me.

Interested in learning more from Alison Curdt? Be sure to check out her PGA Show Education Session, Psychological Tools used in Teaching and Coaching and get her thoughts on The Best Business Practices of Award Winning Instructors panel at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas.

Sampling of Alison’s achievements: Master Professional in Instruction; Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher 2016-2017; 2016 Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year; 2015 LPGA National Teacher of the Year; 2015 & 2012 LPGA T&CP Western Teacher of the Year; 2015 SCPGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year; GRAA Top 50 Teacher; TPI Certified.

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