With technology originally created for the defense industry, FlightScope’s technology has been evolving for nearly 30 years. We caught up with FlightScope’s marketing team to learn more about the evolution of their innovative products.

PGA Show Insider: Describe FlightScope in 3 words or less.
FlightScope: Accurate tracking technology

PGA Show Insider: It was fun seeing the evolution of your brand/technology on your website timeline. Can you give readers a little background into the company? How did you get started?
FlightScope: FlightScope was originally founded in 1989 by Henri Johnson to measure projectiles for the defense industry. With nearly two decades of experience in the field of Doppler radar and phased array tracking technology, we realized the potential and impact its technology would have on the sports industry. In 1995, the company evolved into sports applications to help athletes master their game through technology. FlightScope represents the state of the art in sport measurement technology enabling players to analyze every aspect of their game with military precision in golf, baseball, cricket and tennis. To this day, it still honors its roots and remains prominent in the defense industry in more than 24 countries.

PGA Show Insider: Without getting too technical (or giving anything away!) can you tell us a little bit about the FlightScope X3 Fusion Tracking system? What makes it unique from other tracking technology?
FlightScope: The FlightScope X3 with Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing. The big debate in the industry has always been whether radar or camera delivers more accurate club and ball data, and the truth is that both technologies have their strengths and weaknesses. What we did was combine the strengths of radar technology with the strengths of camera technology and created the X3. The X3 is unique because it uses the best of both technologies to deliver the most accurate club and ball data possible.

PGA Show Insider: What are the 3 main benefits to a PGA Professional/Golf Professional  being certified in FlightScope technology?

  1. Learn the usage and benefits of implementing the FlightScope technology into teaching and fitting programs.
  2. Add value to your business by being recognized as an expert.
  3. Get access to exclusive educational materials created by industry leaders to hone your skills.

PGA Show Insider: Many clubs have Tennis facilities as well—how does FlightScope transcend beyond just golf into other sports?
FlightScope: Currently, we have applications in baseball, cricket, and tennis. In cricket we are the only company in the world to measure bowling speed, and in tennis we manage all ATP tournaments’ chair-umpire scoring systems. The baseball system, FlightScope Strike, officially launched in 2016 and provides pitching, hitting, and pop time analysis. A number of major league teams already use this technology for player development, including the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers.

PGA Show Insider: Can you share anything about what may be new or next from FlightScope?
FlightScope: We recently came out with our consumer model, Mevo. Our goal with Mevo is to enhance the relationship between the teacher and student by giving the student an affordable tool to analyze their game on their own terms. Students can work on drills assigned by their teacher and even share session video and data with their teacher via the app. We will continue to make advancements with all our products to enrich the teacher and student interaction.

PGA Show Insider: FlightScope Academy Professional Certification is being offered on Monday, August 14 at the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience. What is different about this year’s program? What can Pros expect to learn?
FlightScope: This year’s FlightScope Academy will be covering new topics including:

  • Video App
    Up until now our apps did not allow for a fully customizable screen. With the release of the Video app, the user now has the ability to choose from a variety of data and video screen combinations to display during each session. We will explore how useful the Video App can be in facilitating teacher and student communication.
  • Putting
    With short game analysis now available with the X3, we will examine putting and give a sneak peek of the X3’s putting capabilities.
  • Live Lesson
    Stephen Aumock (PGA Master Professional and FlightScope Academy Specialist) will conduct a live lesson with interactive discussions and input from attendees. This session will cover how to best utilize the FlightScope technology in teaching for both full swing and short game lessons.
  • MyFlightScope.com
    Our online cloud platform, MyFlightScope, has recently been revamped to allow teachers to communicate more effectively with students, as well as provide a detailed analysis of each lesson for the student to review and analyze.

Want more? Join us in Las Vegas at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience to meet face-to-face with the FlightScope team on and off the show floor.

FlightScope will be on-hand at PGA Demo Experience at Topgolf (Hitting Bay 117 & Putting Green 1) and on the Show floor at the Venetian (Booth 414). Learn more and add FlightScope to your list of favorites here>>

If you’re interested in the FlightScope Academy Professional Certification taking place on Monday, August 14, learn more here>>


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