This father and son duo combined their skills to develop the perfect solution to putting. Ramon Bescansa is a professional golfer who was struggling with putting. His father, Ramon Bescansa De La Gandara is an engineer that noticed he wasn’t paying enough attention to green reading. The result? The Perfect Putter.

Hear from Ramon Bescansa, Managing Director @ The Perfect Putter, LLC, about this unique training aid and how it can enhance you and your golfers’ games.

PGA Show Insider: Describe the Perfect Putter in 3 words or less
Ramon Bescansa: Perfect Putting Practice

PGA Show Insider: What was the inspiration behind creating this product (and the company)?
Ramon Bescansa: As a professional golfer, I was always trying to improve my putting. I always worked on my technique but never really made as many putts as I would have liked. One day talking to my dad (engineer and co-inventor of The Perfect Putter), we decided that we needed a device that would create the perfect roll on the golf ball to be able to test my green reading, which we believed it was an essential part in putting. Once we used The Perfect Putter a few times, we realized that the device was so much more than just a green reading device. The Perfect Putter allowed me to set up all my practicing drills in order to improve my putting.

PGA Show Insider: Without getting too technical (or giving anything away!) can you tell us a little bit about the product? What makes it unique from other training aids?
Ramon Bescansa: The Perfect Putter is a patented training aid that allows golfers of all levels to work in all 4 key aspects to putting, which are green reading, alignment, speed and stroke.

PGA Show Insider: What are the benefits to a PGA Professional/Golf Professional for using this tool in their personal games and when giving lessons to golfers?
Ramon Bescansa: As we all know, more than 40% of the shots a golfer hits in a round are stroked with the putter. Putting is the most important part in golf but the least practiced and tough. With the help of The Perfect Putter, any PGA professional has the ability to give multiple lessons where they check the 4 key aspects of putting. They can test their players green reading, alignment, speed and stroke and give them a good overall evaluation on what they need to improve in order to make more putts. Until now, most putting lessons focused on getting a “good looking” stroke. And we all know that having a good stroke is just a little part in order to be a good putter.

PGA Show Insider: PGA TOUR players and leading teachers like Stan Utley are using the Perfect Putter—can you share a few success stories?
Ramon Bescansa: I used the Perfect Putter for over 5 years playing professional golf before taking it to the market. Some players and instructors saw me using it and showed some interest and that is when we decided to start commercializing it. We are lucky to say that we have over 100 PGA Tour players using The Perfect Putter. So we have a few neat stories.

One story that comes to mind is when I showed The Perfect Putter to Harris English in 2015. He was struggling a little bit with his putting and wanted to see how the device worked and to understand what drills he needed to incorporate into his practices to improve his putting. In less than 4 months he went from 100th in Strokes Gained Putting, to finishing 10th for the 2015 season and 6th in 2016. He never practices without it!

Another success and eye opening story was at the 2015 Players Championship; there were 7 PGA Tour players using their own Perfect Putter at the same time on the practice green. It was great to see some of the best players in the world using The Perfect Putter.

PGA Show Insider: Can you share anything about what may be new or next from company?
Ramon Bescansa: We are always working on new things that can help the 2018 PGA Show in January.

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