Like many of the stories we share in the PGA Show Insider, Luci Bromberg’s company began out of her passion for the game and uncovering a unique need on the course. We caught up with Luci to learn more about One Putt Designs—how she began the company and what’s new and next for this ladies golf jewelry brand.

PGA Show Insider: Tell us a little bit about your inspiration for starting the company?
Luci Bromberg: I love making jewelry & playing golf. I would give my designs to the women in my leagues in Pennsylvania for “field” testing. Because of their enthusiasm and growing requests from other women for my designs, I decided to move to Florida to grow my business. Many of the new people I was meeting in Florida encouraged me to get a booth at the PGA Show, and after receiving the Top Buyers Choice Award, One Putt Designs is spreading across the country & the world.

PGA Show Insider: Who is your ideal customer? Who do you think should be purchasing your product?
Luci Bromberg: My ideal customer is a tournament chairperson or a ladies golf store.

PGA Show Insider: Are the ball marker ankle bracelets customizable?
Luci Bromberg: All of our items are customizable to a theme, a color combination, logo, or special image. Our design team is always up for a challenge.

PGA Show Insider: In 2016, your company received the Top Buyers Choice award at the PGA Merchandise Show and was featured on the Golf Channel. Congratulations! What about your product stands out to customers like our top buyers who vote on that award?
Luci Bromberg: I think the uniqueness of our ball marker ankle bracelets took the buyers by surprise. We introduced a new ladies golf accessory to the ladies golf market and the response has been amazing.

PGA Show Insider: What other products do you create besides the ball marker ankle bracelet?
Luci Bromberg: One Putt Designs offers a full line of golf jewelry. In addition to our Ball Marker Ankle Bracelets we have Clip On Stroke Counters with ball markers, Clip on Adornments with ball markers, ball marker necklaces, & golf charm earrings & necklaces.

PGA Show Insider: Is there anything specific that you’d like to promote about your booth or products you’ll be offering at the show next month?
Luci Bromberg: Stop by Booth #1030 at the PGA Show in Las Vegas for a free sample of our Clip on Adornments.

PGA Show Insider: What’s next—anything we should be on the lookout for from One Putt Designs?
Luci Bromberg: Our designers are working on some new creations using a variety of colorful natural components… exciting things to follow!

Check out One Putt Designs in person at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience, August 14 – 16 in Las Vegas. Luci’s designs will be on display in Booth #1030.

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