When planning the PGA Show Education Conference, inviting this speaker back each year is a no-brainer. With perennially high ratings from those who attend, Cary Cavitt’s sessions are a must-experience for anyone interacting with customers every day. This month, we’re PROfiling Cary Cavitt to learn more about how his career transitioned from PGA Head Professional to Professional Speaker, his hottest tips (hint: be passionate) and more.

PGA Show Insider: Can you give a brief overview of your career?
Cary Cavitt: I began my golf career in 1975 at the age of 14 working at my father’s golf course in Michigan and then moving to the Chicago area in 1990 as a PGA Head Golf Professional before retiring in 2010.  From there I started a successful web design company along with writing 8 books in the area of customer service (see books here) and then becoming a professional speaker traveling throughout the US.

PGA Show Insider: Describe your day in 3 numbers
Cary Cavitt: 18 emails, 1 hour intense workout, 1 great meal (sometimes 2).

PGA Show Insider: How did your experience as a PGA Head Professional set you up for success as a professional speaker?
Cary Cavitt: Without my experience as a PGA Head Professional I would not be doing what I am today.  During my 35 years in the golf industry I learned through trial and error what it takes to provide a great customer service experience.  I also learned how to speak and entertain audiences through the 1,000’s of golf lessons conducted along with the many event banquets that I had the honor to speak at.

PGA Show Insider: Were there any traits or experiences from that position (PGA Head Professional) that specifically led you to a career in professional speaking?
Cary Cavitt: I learned early on when I started out giving group golf lessons that a major part in helping others learn was in the art of making it entertaining.  When giving junior golf lessons I soon noticed more and more parents sticking around for the included laughs and entertainment. From there I made it a priority to make sure that entertainment was a major part anytime a microphone was in my hand.

PGA Show Insider: What is your favorite part of your job?
Cary Cavitt: I absolutely love to travel the US (especially when my wife can come) and being in front of an audience and showing them exactly how to create a great customer service experience. Hopefully within the first five minutes the audience recognizes that this guy’s seminar and message is totally filled with passion and insights that will also help them to have a better life outside of work.

PGA Show Insider: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about your career?
Cary Cavitt: Be passionate and love what you do.  I am absolutely sold and believe in the message that I share with audiences and thank the Lord that he has given me the opportunity to hopefully be a role model and have a positive influence in the lives of others.  Always strive to be a positive influence in the way that you conduct yourself and you will be successful.

PGA Show Insider: What is your favorite piece of advice to give young PGA Professionals early in their career?
Cary Cavitt: I would tell anyone to follow your dream and always be passionate about your career.  Always be respectful to everyone and remember to always treat everyone who visits your golf facility in the friendliest manner possible.  If you really want to be successful become the most caring person to those you work with.  Lastly, always show a high level of appreciation to your members, guests, and fellow workers.  Consistently create goodwill and you will have no regrets when you look back at your career.

PGA Show Insider: You’ll be speaking once again at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. In your words, what makes your session a must-attend for all PGA and Golf Industry Professionals?
Cary Cavitt: During both sessions I offer 40+ years of experience that I have learned through the various trials and errors that come with experience.  In the short time that we are together I get right to the point and show each audience member how to instantly create a great customer service experience (see quick video here) as well as show in the second session how to motivate your staff to do their absolute best on the job (see quick video here).

Stay tuned for more information on and how to register for Cary’s sessions at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.

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