Women’s apparel has seen a big trend in moving beyond the golf course—helping busy women transition from the course to the rest of their day. Whether they are on vacation, headed to meet lunch clients or picking up the kids from school, it’s increasingly important for women’s golf apparel to be more than just golf. LIJA is doing just that … and more! We spoke with the Creative Director at LIJA, Linda Hipp, to find out exactly what makes LIJA so essential.

PGA Show Insider:  Describe your company in 3 words or less.
Linda Hipp: Fashion, Function, Innovation

PGA Show Insider:  What was the inspiration behind starting the company?
Linda Hipp: When we started LIJA in 1998, ladies golf was taking off across North America but there was a real lack of fashionable apparel for style-conscious ladies. We were truly pioneers in creating high quality, fashionable and functional apparel for the links.
PGA Show Insider:  Can you tell us a little bit about your apparel brand? What makes it unique from other apparel companies?
Linda Hipp: LIJA is where technical active apparel meets modern innovative style. We are unique in that we provide superior quality fabrics & design blended with the functional elements needed to support the game. LIJA has also broadened into tennis & other active pursuits so we are able to offer our buyers a broader range of selection for their unique needs. Being in business for twenty years, we have the history and expertise that allows us to stand apart from other brands.
PGA Show Insider:  What are the benefits to a PGA Professional/Golf Professional for having your lines in their shops?
Linda Hipp: LIJA really benefits a shop by improving the merchandising mix for their customers. There are many lovely brands available in the market that meet the various needs of the golfer. But, LIJA is a unique brand that stands out and simply provides more options and appeal for a golf professional’s customers. Eye candy for ladies!
PGA Show Insider: Can you talk a little bit about your commitment to quality craftsmanship and “true fit”? Why are these important to LIJA?
Linda Hipp: Fit is extremely important to us. When designing apparel for an active sport, it is crucial to not only provide a good fit but also have it fit for function & movement. We have had 20 years to get it right! The fit on a bottom is the most difficult to master. LIJA is known for its bottoms and we are proud to continue to provide our customers with our superior fit.
PGA Show Insider:  Do you have any hot products that we may want to be on the lookout for at the PGA Show this year?
Linda Hipp: Of course! Our layering pieces are fantastic for the upcoming season designed in luxurious fabrications with various styling from classic to bold & sporty. We are also introducing two new fabrics, Lustre & Slice, that offer lovely texture and interest to our Collection. And don’t miss out on our gorgeous exclusive prints for the season!
PGA Show Insider:  Can you share anything about what may be new or next from company?
Linda Hipp: Women want golf apparel that is stylish & functional on the course but they don’t necessarily want to look like they just walked off the course. Moving forward, we will continue to evolve our brand providing up to the minute style with functionality but also broaden our range with more lifestyle pieces that help her achieve a look that is perfect for on and off the course.

Don’t miss LIJA at the show in booth 4050 >>

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