With a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Business, many years of experience and an impressive road to success, Tracy Moffatt will be speaking once again at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando! Get Tracy’s inspiring story behind the scenes and find out why this expert is at the show teaching two sessions you don’t want to miss! We spoke with Tracy to find out what fuels her everyday life and how she got to where she is today.

PGA Show Insider:  Can you give a brief overview of your career?
Tracy Moffatt: After graduating from Valparaiso University with a Fashion Merchandising/Business degree I entered the Management Training Program with JCPenney in their Chicago Market. I spent 17 years between seven different JCPenney Stores as a Senior Merchandising Manager buying for and managing departments with sales in excess of $4 million. In 1997 after I transferred to Florida,  JCPenney went to centralized buying and I began my career in the world of Golf Merchandising at Quail Creek Country Club in Naples where I would work for 9 years. During this time I began presenting seminars for the AGM Education Team and the PGA which led to beginning my own Golf Retail Consulting Business – K&K Consulting to offer more in-depth assistance to AGM and PGA Members.

PGA Show Insider:  Describe your day in 3 numbers 
Tracy Moffatt
:  1 wonderful husband, PGA Professional Mark Moffatt; 2 adorable kitties, Killian & Kiley; Countless numbers to be crunched and analyzed then turned into plans for making more profit

PGA Show Insider:  How did your experience as a Senior Merchandise Manager for JC Penney set you up for success in the golf industry?
Tracy Moffatt: JCPenney has always been known as the best training retailer in the industry. Inventory Management, Open to Buy plans, and visual merchandising were keys in my work there and even more so in the Golf Industry. In addition, I learned to play and love the game of golf because of JCPenney.

PGA Show Insider:  What drew you to the golf industry?
Tracy Moffatt
: A love for the game coupled with a love of retailing – merchandising a Golf Shop seemed the perfect job.

PGA Show Insider:  Are there any key differentiators or challenges that set merchandising for a golf facility a part from other buying roles?
Tracy Moffatt: The basics remain the same – buying the right amount of merchandise to ensure sales and profit goals are met. Major retailers they have a more mixed and fluid customer base than Golf, especially Private Clubs. In Golf, the challenge becomes understanding what your members and customers want and buying appropriately.  Inventory dollars are much more limited so each “seasonal” buy needs to be planned, thoughtfully made and include reserve dollars for new trends and products.

PGA Show Insider:  What is your favorite part of your current role?
Tracy Moffatt:  Seeing a Golf Shop become more successful! Over the years I have worked with mostly PGA Professional run Golf Shops who don’t have a Merchandiser and to be able to help them control their inventory, buy appropriately, and make a larger profit is very rewarding. When they understand and use an Open to Buy I have done my job. When they receive an AGM Platinum Award or PGA Merchandiser of the Year honors – even better.

PGA Show Insider:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about your career?
Tracy Moffatt: James Cash Penney once said: “We can serve our customers well only if our buying jobs are right.” It was one of the first things I was told as a Management Trainee and it has stuck with me to this day

PGA Show Insider:  What is your favorite piece of advice to give young golf professionals, merchandisers, buyers, etc. early in their career?
Tracy Moffatt: Three things: get to know your members and customers – forget about your likes and dislikes and focus on theirs; use an Open to Buy to manage your inventory so it doesn’t start to manage you; learn to laugh at your buying mistakes because you are going to make them!

PGA Show Insider: You’ll be speaking once again at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando! In your words, what makes your sessions “Dollar-per-Round: Using This KPI for Forecasting Sales & Growing Business” and “Vendor Analysis & Selection: Narrow the Field for More Profitability” must-attend sessions for all PGA and Golf Industry Professionals?
Tracy Moffatt: Dollar per Round will cover many uses for this simple calculation that is unique to the Golf Industry.  Attendees will leave with great ideas for growing their business and motivating their staff. Vendor Analysis will focus on determining the profitability of current vendors and developing sound vendor strategies going forward – a key process before placing any orders for next season.  Both sessions will help merchandisers and PGA Professionals improve sales and profitability in their Golf Shops.

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