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Did you know that 90% of all injuries sustained by professional golfers stems from the neck or back? A main reason is poor posture.

Thankfully, IFGfit is new to the scene with men’s and women’s activewear that relieves pain and prevents injury. The brand’s uniquely engineered outer and inner smart fabric self-corrects wearers’ posture and improves chest mobility by naturally re-aligning the head, neck and spine without compression.

The company’s Posture, Performance and Recovery® (PPR) technology utilizes muscle proprioception to gently re-create the benefits of yoga’s “bridge pose.” The fabrics’ stimulation of specific areas of the skin keeps shoulders symmetrical and closer to the spine. This biomechanical alteration reduces stress in the neck, shoulders and back.

As a result, IFGfit shirts, sports bras, leggings and shorts straighten posture that, in turn, increases confidence and reduces fatigue. Golfers and other athletes experience more natural movement leading to quicker healing and more natural recovery.

Furthermore, IFGfit’s Anti-Slouch technology is also innovative and infused into garments. Invisible from the outside and combined with PPR, it helps golfers stand and play confidently because:

  • Shoulder blades are held closer to the spine, in symmetry instantly, comfortably and naturally
  • The diaphragm and rib cages naturally expand
  • The natural pose re-aligns the head, neck and spine with spinal muscle activation while reducing tension in the neck and shoulder areas
  • Feedback mechanisms built into the apparel respond to the body, dissipating the fabrics’ tension when the body moves into natural alignment, and re-activating the same tension if slouch re-occurs. This leads to the apparel self-correcting and continuously training the body to be in alignment, allowing the body to become positionally aware of where it should strive to be.

Coming later this year, IFGfit will debut a new line of polo shirts with eco-friendly outer fabric, women’s golf shorts and men’s pants with PPR technology. The company will also launch a pink IFG Self-Correcting Posture bra – recently featured at the ESPYs – for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Professional golfers, athletes many sports and general active lifestylists rely on IFGfit activewear. Adding to IFGfit’s popularity are spotlights in Yahoo Finance, Well and Good, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Bustle and on NBC.

While you’re in Las Vegas, be sure to check out IFGfit on the show floor at the Venetian, Booth #516, to see and feel their line for yourself.

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